Design and Code – sitting in a tree...Design and Code,
sitting in a tree...

Henosia is the design tool that edits code while you design.

Two users in Henosia manipulating code through the visual interface.
Here Henosia edits code in Braid Design System to update a component story.

How it works

Code repository as source of truthCode repository logo
HenosiaHenosia logo
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No exports. No generated code. Really? Yep.
Henosia connects directly to your team's code repository to edit and preview code for designers in a visual way.
You can directly manipulate the live preview on your canvas using Henosia’s visual interface to make changes to the code.
Changes can be pushed to services like GitHub, and any changes developers make can also be pulled directly back into Henosia.

Designing without Henosia


Inspect. Copy. Paste.
There’s a better way.

Traditional design tools rely on clipboards and inspection to communicate design intent.
Teams deserve a more powerful and unifying way to collaborate.

Two sources of truth.
Every silo’s dream.

Today’s design and code are two versions of the truth in separate silos. Those silos are our tools.
Teams need tools that break down silos, operate with one truth, and eliminate the gap.

Drawings are great.
Shipping is better.

A drawing shows intent but risks getting lost in translation.
The actual user experience that ships is expressed as code.

Designing with Henosia

Design & Code

Two-way collaboration.
One source of truth.

Henosia edits code while you design, which enables two-way collaboration with developers.
Accelerate product work by making code your one source of truth for the entire team.

Merge design and code.
Erase the handoff gap.

Speak the same language and share components across the entire team.
Co-create product in the final medium without handoff pains or friction.

Close the feedback loop.
Ship your best designs.

Experience your product come alive on the canvas while you design.
Replace handoff pains with complete creative control over the experience that gets shipped.

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